X-men: Domino

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Lady luck's got nothing on Domino! They say fortune favors the brave, and there's no merc braver than Neena Thurman. You were wowed by her probability-altering prowess in X-Force, and odds are good that you'll love her solo adventures too! A rescue mission for the man she once loved pits Domino against Lady Deathstrike and Donald Pierce! Domino explores her uncanny origins as part of Project Armageddon - and finds a strangely familiar face! And things get hot and heavy for Domino and Wolverine as they're caught between the Hand and the Assassins Guild! Plus, Domino battles Arcade, tries her luck alongside the Scarlet Witch and takes on the Terrigen Mists! COLLECTING: DOMINO (1997) 1-3, DOMINO (2003) 1-4, X-FORCE: SEX & VIOLENCE 1-3; MATERIAL FROM X-FORCE & CABLE ANNUAL '95, A+X 10, UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL (2016) 1