Deadpool: 'pool Party

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For three decades, Wade Wilson has shimmied and shaken his way through the Marvel Universe spreading chaos, carnage and a cavalcade of inappropriate jokes wherever he goes. Now get ready for a birthday bonanza of his very best team-ups featuring the likes of Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more! This is one party that's got it all going on - guns, swords, deranged monkey assassins and at least two highly questionable wardrobe choices! Grab your chimichangas and fire up your best dance moves, cos it's celebration time - Deadpool style! 

Reprinting Despicable Deadpool #287, Deadpool (1997) #4, Deadpool (2008) #19-21, Deadpool Team-Up #885, Wolverine / Deadpool: The Decoy and A+X #8.