Ghost Rider: Robbie Reyes - The Complete Collection

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Collects All-New Ghost Rider (2014) #1-12, Ghost Rider (2016) #1-5, What If? Ghost Rider (2018) #1. Robbie Reyes is the newest Ghost Rider - with a twist! He's got a sweet ride, but the car is haunted by a vengeful spirit named Eli, and it's hell on wheels! When Robbie's East L.A. neighborhood is overrun by Mr. Hyde's drug-fueled gang violence, can he use this new power to put vengeance in overdrive - or will he submit to Eli's darkness? When Johnny Blaze shows up, hellfire sparks will fly in a street race to eternal damnation! And when Robbie learns a shocking truth about his absent parents, will it push him over the edge? Plus: A mysterious crash landing brings Robbie face-to-face with Amadeus Cho, X-23 and Silk! And Ghost Rider goes metal in a wild ""What If"" featuring music, monsters and Marvel!