Iron Man By Mike Grell: The Complete Collection

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Acclaimed writer Mike Grell takes the iron reigns, and sends Tony Stark on a mission to investigate a vile dictator's war crimes! Weapons that Stark once created and sold are now being used to kill innocents, and Iron Man's past has returned to haunt him yet again. Can he stop the carnage before it's too late? Meanwhile, at the top of the world, precious cargo is delivered to a remote monastery. And when the ornate box is unlocked, Stark's most malevolent foe will be reborn! Then, Iron Man travels back to the age of knights and chivalry - and must pit his armor against dragon fi re! And Iron Man takes on Thor when the Asgardians decide to meddle in Earthly aff airs! But when terrorists target the Chinese Embassy, why is Tony Stark the prime suspect?!