Justice League Vol. 7: Darkseid War Part 1

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DC superstars Geoff Johns (FOREVER EVIL) and Jason Fabok (DETECTIVE COMICS)bring you the start of the Darkseid War, the epic event that has been buildingsince the formation of the Justice League. The Justice League first cametogether years ago to stop Darkseid and his Parademon army from invading ourEarth. Now Darkseid will once again make the planet a war zone, as Earth becomesthe frontline in his battle with the Anti-Monitor-one of the mostpowerfully destructive creatures ever created.

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batmanand the rest of the Justice League are working with Mister Miracle to stop thecoming bloodshed, but when two unstoppable forces of evil go to war, even theworld's greatest heroes might not be enough to save the world! CollectsJUSTICE LEAGUE #40-44 and DC SNEAK PEEK: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.