Kitaro The Vampire Slayer

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Kitaro the Vampire Slayer is the fifth volume in Shigeru Mizuki s bizarre stories about a yokai boy and his entourage of otherworldly friends. One of the most popular Kitaro tales, the title story pits Kitaro and his family against a Beatles-inspired mop-topped, guitar-playing vampire named Erit and his castle of horrors. In an unexpected twist spoiler alert! Kitaro meets his demise, but even death is hardly enough to keep our favourite yokai boy down.

Along with the villainous vampire, Kitaro faces a trio of monsters straight from Japanese folklore. Mizuki often pulled from classic Japanese folk tales for inspiration, as shown in these three stories. certain serpent and temple bell appear in The Phantom Steam Engine, then it s onto a bird-like creature with a big beak in Ubume, and Kitaro had better not look behind him when the Ushiro Gami comes to town.