My Hero Academia: Two Heroes/My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

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Feature length anime double bill based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi and set in a world where the majority of the population possess superpowers known as Quirks. In 'Two Heroes', (2018) student Izuku Midoriya (voice of Justin Briner) dreams of one day becoming a hero despite the fact he doesn't have a Quirk. Determined to achieve his goals, Izuku attends The Hero Academy and soon catches the eye of renowned hero All Might (Christopher R.

Sabat) who agrees to train him. When All Might is invited on a trip to I-Island where they conduct experiments on Quirks, he asks Izuku to accompany him, but he must promise not to divulge details of their shared Quirk that they call One for All. In 'Heroes Rising', (2019) Izuku Midoriya and former enemy Katsuki Bakugo (Clifford Chapin) now fight on the same side to defend themselves against their biggest ever threat.