Naomi: Season One (TV Tie-In) TP

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THE DC UNIVERSE S NEWEST HERO! A local teenager named Naomi starts looking into what happened the last time a super-being visited her hometown and how that visit might tie into her own origins as an adopted child. But Naomi s seemingly harmless curiosity exposes more than just her family s startling secrets it attracts the attention of forces that could threaten the Earth itself! Learning the truth about her heritage will turn Naomi s life upside down. Can she learn to control her uncanny new abilities and come to terms with her strange new place in the world before it s too late? Find out as this remarkable young woman begins her unique hero s journey in Naomi: Season One, co-written by Brian Michael Bendis (Superman, Young Justice) and David F.

Walker (Luke Cage, Occupy Avengers) and illustrated by breakout artist Jamal Campbell (Supergirl, Green Arrow)! Collects issues #1-6 of the acclaimed new series from DC s Wonder Comics imprint