The Liber Arcana #1

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The Liber Arcana #1: Dark Medieval Times


Raised by a Death worshipping cult, Arcana was born from a black magick ritual. The purpose? to create a true child of the scythe-wielding god of Death. However, when events go array and Arcana is on the brink of dying, she pledges an oath with the Skeleton Lord. Now, bound by an oath darker than the veils of Death, Arcana must journey forth into a dark, foreboding fantasy world ripe with monsters, magic and the macabre.


The Liber Arcana is a dark fantasy comic, suitable for mature readers only, and is a must-read for fans of Berserk, Red Sonja and The Crow.


The 44-page comic book is a dark misanthropic fantasy, whose subtitle "Dark Medieval Times" is taken from the 1994 Satyricon album with the same name, as it perfectly describes the setting. The Liber Arcana #1 is limited to 100 hand-signed and numbered copies, along with an A5 art print.