The Liber Arcana #3

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The Liber Arcana #3: Servum Mortis


Following the events of issue #2: "Into the void of Death", Arcana searches for the stolen relic known as the "Coffin Nail Crown" and finds herself in a cantankerous city called Verbes. She soon gets entangled with a strange girl whose presence can only mean doom. Arcana, now embroiled with this mysterious girl, must deal with the city's cruel inhabitants, all whilst she tries to uphold the dark oath she pledged to her master, Death.


The Liber Arcana is a 44-page dark medieval fantasy comic book for mature readers; and is perfect for fans of Berserk, Red Sonja, The Witcher and The Crow.

"The Liber Arcana #3: Servum Mortis" is limited to 100 hand-signed and numbered copies, along with an A5 art print.