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Frank Miller's Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye (fourth Edition)

Frank Miller's Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye (fourth Edition)

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The acclaimed crime noir from comics legend Frank Miller is presented at original size with new wrap-around cover art and pinup gallery. This tale of Marv and his angel is steeped in murder, mystery, corruption, and vengeance.

There is no light in a place like Sin City--only misery, crime, perversion . . . But for a single moment, amid the filth and degenerates, the hulking and unstable ex-con Marv has found an angel. She says her name is Goldie--a goddess who has blessed this wretched low-life with a night of heaven. But good things never last--a few hours later, Goldie is dead--murdered by his side without a mark on her body. Who was she? And who wanted her dead? The cops are on their way--it smells like a frame job, and this time, they won't let him live. Whoever killed Goldie . . . is going to pay. Marv's got a soul to send to hell, and it's going to get nasty.

Frank Miller returns to his hit comic opus with original cover art for the fourth editions of the graphic novel series, printed at their original size, beginning with Volume 1 The Hard Goodbye. This volume also includes a new pinup gallery featuring art from Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Klaus Janson, Paul Pope, Philip Tan, and Gerardo Zaffino! Devoted fans and new readers can again experience the groundbreaking and unparalleled noir masterpiece that has engrossed readers for nearly three decades!

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