Halo: Legacy Collection

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This massive collection features three classic Halo tales by some of the best writers and artists in comics. Halo: Uprising follows the Master Chief as he single\-handedly takes on the Covenant\x27s miles\-long Forerunner Dreadnought as it makes its way to Earth] Then, join the ranks of the UNSC\x27s meanest, most battle\-hardened Marines in Helljumper, as a group of ODST respond to a remote science colony\x27s SOS call and discover an enormous Covenant military presence] Finally, a UNSC ship encounters a strange phenomenon that sends it plummeting toward an unknown planet. The Spartan Black fireteam needs to unlock the secrets of an ancient Forerunner installation if they\x27re going to survive the experience but, to complicate matters, they\x1are not the only ones shipwrecked. Check out their story in Halo: Blood Line]