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Joker The Clown Prince of Crown

Joker The Clown Prince of Crown

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The acclaimed "Clown Prince of Crime," Joker. A character with a physical appearance characterised by a disfigured face, white skin, green dyed hair, and red lips. A psychopathic genius with a sadistic and twisted humour.

A lover of weapons to which he always gives a comic touch; his jack-in-the-boxes and cigarette shaped explosives are a classic in his craziest plans with deadly results. Joker has had countless scriptwriters and cartoonists who have shaped his personality and appearance. Much of the fame achieved by this villain comes from the actors who have played him on the big screen.

Each actor who has given life to the character has taken a different path, and each of them is remembered by the character's followers for different reasons. Without a doubt, thanks to them, the character is more popular than ever. Worthy of mention is the voice over in the animated series by the incomparable Mark Hamill, while on television he was brought to life by Cesar Romero (1966-1968), and in the cinema by Jack Nicholson (1989), Heath Ledger (2008), Jared Leto (2016), and finally the extraordinary Joaquin Phoenix (2019).

AUTHOR: Eva Minguet is a creative based in Barcelona and author of several books including the popular Women's Club, Wes Anderson Tribute, Tarantino, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks.
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