Killadelphia, Volume 2: Burn Baby Burn

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Continuing the critically-acclaimed, sold-out seriesfrom breakout star RODNEY BARNES, the writer behind such hit shows as Wu-Tang:An American Saga and STARZ's American Gods, and the artist who redefinedSPAWN, JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER!Adams' battle to reshape the United Statesin his own twisted vision might have been thwarted for now, giving JimmySangster a moment of respite, but the war for a new America rages on! Now, asAbigail steps out of the shadows, she unleashes a new violent terror upon thecity some have renamed Killadelphia. But this time, it's about creating aswidespread a web of fear imaginable as she rips the beating heart from the cityitself. Can Jimmy stop her or will historyrepeat and force him to meet the same fate as hisfather?Collects KILLADELPHIA#7-12