Marvel Knights Punisher By Garth Ennis: The Complete Collection Vol. 2

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Nobody writes the Punisher like Garth Ennis - and these brutal tales prove it] When ex-marine Frank Castle saw his wife and children murdered by the mob, he began a war on crime] So why is he trying to rescue a Mafia don from angry guerrilla fighters in South Africa? And Frank faces off against Wolverine as the two compete to take down a bizarre underworld predator who's cutting off crime at the knees] Then, Belfast-born Ennis brings Frank face-to-face with terrorism in Northern Ireland. The Punisher investigates a drug ring - and the cops who are supposed to be dismantling it. Frank helps a social worker who has discovered a dark secret beneath the streets... and does a little dental work in a rarely seen tale drawn by Joe Quesada] Collecting: Punisher (2001) 6-7, 13-26; material from Marvel Knights Double-Shot 1