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Night of the Living Dummy

Night of the Living Dummy

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Discover the original bone-chilling adventures that made Goosebumps one of the bestselling children's book series of all time! Lindy names the ventriloquist's dummy she finds Slappy. Slappy is kind of ugly, but he's a lot of fun. Lindy's having a great time learning to make Slappy move and talk.

But Kris is jealous of all the attention her sister is getting. It's not fair. Why does Lindy always have all the luck? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own.

She'll show Lindy! Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things.

No way a dummy can be causing all the trouble. Or is there? From the bestselling author of Fear Street, now a hit show on NETFLIX Goosebumps have been scaring generations of kids The books have been made into TV series and two feature films starring Jack Black (School of Rock) and Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why)
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