Yu Gi Oh: The Official Fifth Season

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All 40 episodes from the fifth season of the animated series about a young boy and his friends fighting against evil using magical cards. The episodes are: 'Unwanted Guest: Part 1', 'Unwanted Guest: Part 2', 'Let the Games Begin!: Part 1', 'Let the Games Begin!: Part 2', 'Child's Play', 'Down in Flames: Part 1', 'Down in Flames: Part 2', 'A Brawl in a Small Town: Part 1', 'A Brawl in a Small Town: Part 2', 'One Step Ahead: Part 1', 'One Step Ahead: Part 2', 'Sinister Secrets: Part 1', 'Sinister Secrets: Part 2', 'Sinister Secrets: Part 3', 'Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh', 'Spiritual Awakening', 'Memoirs of a Pharaoh', 'The Intruder: Part 1', 'The Intruder: Part 2', 'Makings of a Magician', 'Birth of the Blue Eyes', 'Village of Lost Souls', 'A Reversal of Fortune', 'In Search of a King', 'Village of Vengeance: Part 1', 'Village of Vengeance: Part 2', 'Village of Vengeance: Part 3', 'Village of Vengeance: Part 4', 'Village of Vengeance: Part 5', 'Name of the Game', 'The Dark One Cometh: Part 1', 'The Dark One Cometh: Part 2', 'The Dark One Cometh: Part 3', 'The Dark One Cometh: Part 4', 'In the Name of the Pharaoh!', 'The Final Journey', 'The Final Duel: Part 1', 'The Final Duel: Part 2', 'The Final Duel: Part 3' and 'The Final Duel: Part 4'.