Yu Gi Oh: The Official Fourth Season DVD

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All 40 episodes from the fourth season of the animated series about a young boy and his friends fighting against evil using magical cards. The episodes are: 'A New Evil: Part 1', 'A New Evil: Part 2', 'Legend of the Dragons', 'The Creator Returns', 'Deja Duel!: Part 1', 'Deja Duel!: Part 2', 'An Unexpected Enemy', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 1', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 2', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 3', 'The Challenge', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 1', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 2', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 3', 'Trial By Stone', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 1', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 2', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 3', 'Self Destruction', 'Reliving the Past', 'Deck of Armor', 'Flight of Fear: Part 1', 'Flight of Fear: Part 2', 'Paradise Found', 'Fighting for a Friend: Part 1', 'Fighting for a Friend: Part 2', 'Fighting for a Friend: Part 3', 'Fighting for a Friend: Part 4', 'Fighting for a Friend: Part 5', 'Grappling With a Guardian: Part 1', 'Grappling With a Guardian: Part 2', 'Grappling With a Guardian: Part 3', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 1', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 2', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 3', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 4', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 5', 'A Duel With Dartz: Part 6', 'Rise of the Great Beast: Part 1' and 'Rise of the Great Beast: Part 2'.

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